Blends by Orly Gluten Free Recipe Index

Here are some ideas for how you can apply Blends by Orly to your own recipes.  Use our alphabetized index to search for the recipe that you want to make and learn which Blend by Orly you can use.  Simply replace the wheat flour with one of my Blends!  Use your own recipes or try one of mine!   


Almond Bread - Sydney Blend
Apple Cake - Sydney Blend
Arancini Balls (Arroncini) - Sydney Blend
Babka - Manhattan Blend
BagelsManhattan Blend
Banana Almond Butter Muffins (paleo)
Banana Bread Sydney Blend
Banana Coconut Bread (paleo)
Banana Mocha Muffins - Sydney Blend
Banana Pudding - Sydney Blend
Biscotti - London Blend
Black & White Cookies - London Blend
Blintzes - Sydney Blend
Blondies - London Blend
Blueberry Muffins - Sydney Blend
Breadsticks - Tuscany Blend
Bread Pudding - Manhattan/Tuscany Blend
BreadcrumbsManhattan/Tuscany Blend
Bruschetta - Tuscany Blend
Burger Buns - Tuscany Blend
Bundt Cake - Sydney Blend
Butter Cake - Sydney Blend
Butter Cookies - London Blend
Brioche - Manhattan Blend
Brownies - Sydney Blend


Cake Pops - Sydney Blend
Carrot Cake - Sydney Blend
Casseroles - Sydney Blend
Champagne Cupcakes - Sydney Blend
Chelsea Buns - Manhattan Blend
Chocolate Cake - Sydney Blend
Chocolate Chip Cookies - London Blend
Chocolate Truffles - Grain Free
Ciabatta Bread - Tuscany Blend
Cinnamon Rolls - Manhattan Blend
Challah, Cinnamon Raisin Crumble - Manhattan Blend
Challah (large quantities) - Manhattan Blend
Challah (Vegan) - Manhattan Blend
Cheese Cake - London Blend
Cheese Cake (Goats Cheese) - London Blend
Cheese Danish - Manhattan Blend
Cheesecake Crust - Sydney/London Blend
Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza - Tuscany Blend
Chicken (Marinated Herb, Marsala) - Sydney Blend
Choux Pastry - Sydney Blend
Coating for Chicken, Fish, Meat, Eggplant - Sydney Blend
Coconut-Peach Cobbler - Sydney Blend
Coffee Cake - Sydney Blend
Cookie Crust - London Blend
Corn Bread - Sydney Blend
Corn Muffins - Sydney Blend
Crackers - Tuscany Blend
Cream Puffs - Sydney Blend
Crisps (berry, apple) - Sydney Blend
Croutons - Manhattan/Tuscany Blend
Cupcakes - Sydney Blend


Danish Pastry - Manhattan Blend
Dark Chocolate Tart - Sydney Blend
Deli Roll - Manhattan Blend
Doughnuts (baked) Manhattan Blend
Doughnut Holes (fried) - Manhattan Blend
Double Chocolate Cake - Sydney Blend
Dumplings - Tuscany Blend
Eclairs - Sydney Blend
Flatbread - Tuscany Blend
French Bread - Tuscany Blend
French Toast Manhattan Blend
Fried Mozzarella - Sydney Blend
Focaccia - Tuscany Blend
Fruit Cake -Sydney Blend
Funnel Cake - Manhattan Blend
Genoise - Sydney Blend
Gingerbread Cookies - London Blend
Gingersnap Cookies - London Blend
Goulash - Tuscany Blend
Graham Cracker CrustLondon/Sydney Blend
Gravies and sauces - Tuscany Blend
Grilled cheese - Tuscany Blend


Hamentashen CookiesLondon Blend
Hamentaschen Cookies (Nut Free) - London Blend
Italian Bread- Tuscany Blend
Kubaneh - Manhattan Blend
Kugels (Butternut Squash, Carrot)Sydney Blend
Lemon Cake - Sydney Blend
Lemon Squares- Sydney/London Blend
Linzer Cookies- London Blend
Macarons - Grain Free
Madeleines- Sydney Blend
Mandel Bread - London Blend
Muffins (Banana, Bran, Berry, Carrot etc) Sydney Blend
Muffins (Healthy) - Sydney Blend
Oatmeal Cookies London Blend


Pancakes Sydney Blend
Passover Brownies
Pavlova - Grain Free
Peanut Butter Brownies - Sydney Blend
Pecan Pie Sydney Blend
Pie Crust (Shortbread Crust, Sweet Pastry Crust)Sydney Blend
Pita Bread Tuscany Blend
Pizookie - London Blend
Pizza Crust Tuscany Blend
Pound Cake -Sydney Blend
Protein Fiber Bread - Tuscany/Manhattan Blend
Puff Pastry - Manhattan Blend
Pumpkin BreadSydney Blend
Pumpkin Muffins - Sydney Blend
Pumpkin Pie - Sydney Blend
Pumpkin Pudding - Sydney Blend
Pumpkin Scones - London Blend
Raspberry Tart - Sydney Blend
Ravioli - Tuscany Blend
Red Velvet Cupcakes/Cake - Sydney Blend
Roux Tuscany Blend
Rugelach Manhattan Blend
"Rye" Bread - Manhattan Blend
Quiche Crust Sydney Blend
Quiche (mini) - Sydney Blend
QuickBreads (Assorted) - Sydney Blend


Salted Caramel Brownie - Sydney Blend
Sandwich Bread - Tuscany Blend
Scones London Blend
Shortbread CookiesLondon Blend
Snickerdoodle CookiesLondon Blend
Sponge Cake - Sydney Blend
SoufflésSydney Blend
Sugar CookiesLondon Blend
Strawberry Shortcake - Sydney Blend
Streudel - Manhattan Blend
Streusel Topping - Sydney Blend
Stuffing Manhattan/Tuscany Blend
Sufganiyot (Fried Jelly Doughnuts) - Manhattan Blend


Tart Crust (fruit, chocolate, apple, pear) - Sydney Blend
Tiramisu - Sydney Blend
Toast Bread - Tuscany Blend
Toffee Bars - Sydney Blend
Trifle - Sydney Blend
Turnovers (Spinach & Feta, Apple) - Manhattan Blend
Vanilla Cake - Sydney Blend
Vanilla Cupcakes - Sydney Blend
Waffles - Sydney Blend
Wedding Cake - Sydney Blend
White Bread - Tuscany Blend
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies - London Blend
Wholegrain Bread - Manhattan Blend
Zucchini Bread Sydney Blend