What is the difference between Blends by Orly and a gluten free cake mix?

Blends by Orly is not a cake mix.  Cake mixes are boring and yield pretty much the same result- add eggs, oil, mix together and bake.  Blends by Orly contain no sugar or other additives.  They are a replacement for wheat flour and can be used 1 for 1 in any recipe.

How should Blends by Orly flour be stored? 

The flour is packed in a resealable zipper pouch, so that you don't have to use the entire content of the bag at once.  As long as the flour bag is sealed, it will last for up to 12 months in a cool, dry storage area.  

Are Blends by Orly 100% gluten free? 

YES.  Blends by Orly are produced and packed in a gluten free certified environment. 

Are Blends by Orly kosher? 

YES.  Blends by Orly are OU kosher certified

Do Blends by Orly contain any allergens ie. dairy, soy, or nuts?

Blends by Orly are dairy free, corn free and nut free.  Paris and Manhattan Blends are non-GMO.  London, Sydney, and Tuscany Blends contain soy flour.  Paris Blend has coconut flour, but coconut is a drupe, not a nut.   

My Paris Blend has a funny smell.  Is that normal?

The coconut flour in Paris Blend should have a nutty smell.  After opening Paris Blend, I suggest storing the rest in your freezer in order to preserve the shelf life.  If a bag is left open at room temperature for too long, it may start to smell "rancid."  If your Paris Blend smells "off" when you first open it, it may just be the overpowering scent of the coconut.  You can still bake with it and the flavor will be delicious.  

Why are your recipes described in proportions of"grams" as well as "cups" and "teaspoons"?

Orly was introduced to baking in Paris, where she apprenticed under a French pastry chef.  She continued her formal training at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney.  She studied the importance of using the metric system while baking, in order to achieve the most precise and consistent practice.  Most US recipes instruct bakers to use cup measurements.  The problem is that a cup is not an exact measurement and two people following the same recipe could have differing senses of what a cup looks like.  Before getting started in the kitchen, Orly encourages all bakers to purchase an inexpensive digital baking scale.  It makes baking a lot more fun!

How can I find out about your new recipes using Blends by Orly?

Each edition of the Blends by Orly bags will have new recipes for you to look forward to.  You can even keep the bags and store them in your recipe book.  The recipes on will be updated regularly so there is always something new.   Check out Orly the Baker on youtube for cooking demos and baking tips and tricks.  Engage with Orly the Baker on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter #blendsbyorly #orlythebaker

Can I bake breads with Blends by Orly in a Bread Machine?

When making bread with Manhattan or Tuscany Blends, you can use a machine to bake the bread as long as your machine has a gluten-free setting.  If your machine does not have a gluten free setting, then I would not suggest you use it to bake the bread.  You can always mix the dough ingredients in a regular bread machine and carry on baking in a traditional oven.