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Healthier Baking Starts Here.

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Between our easy to use Gluten Free Flours, Challah Mixes, and Grainless Baking Mixes and Flours, making healthy baked goods that taste delicious and are free of common allergens has just become that much more simple.

Blends by Orly was created to fill an important missing piece in the gluten free market. Orly noticed that the only available gluten free baking products were one-size-fits-all flour. But the truth is, an all-purpose gluten free flour does not really exist. A flour that works well in one baked good will often yield an undesirable taste and texture in other baked goods.

We aim to allow people on a gluten free diet, or anyone looking to incorporate healthier foods into their diet, to easily make any recipe without sacrificing taste, texture or quality. You would never even be able to tell it’s gluten free!


Bake Anything.

My Blends. Your Recipes.

— Orly Gottesman, Founder of Blends by Orly