When I lived in Paris in 2010-2011, the word gluten free was a foreign term to most people. The only places to find gluten free food were “Bio shops,” which were typically foul smelling small markets filled with organic and healthy products where only “earthy people” shopped at. The most difficult part of eating out for my husband was that at the start of every meal in Paris, the waiter brings out a basket of sliced baguette. Baguettes are made fresh daily in Paris so the bread was always top quality. I learned how to make classic French baguette in culinary school, but I’ve wanted to try baking gluten free baguette for so long and have only now finally gotten around to it! It involves quite a few steps, but the end result is totally worth it.

This recipe calls for malted syrup but since malt is made of barley, I like to replace malt with a mixture of brown sugar and white sugar. I do this in my bagel recipe too! The trick to getting a crunchy curst on the baguette is baking it with steam. If you don’t have a steam oven, I will instruct you on how to create steam in your home oven.

French Baguette:

4 cups plus 3 Tbsp (540 grams) Blends by Orly Tuscany Blend Bread Flour

1 3/4 tsp (5 grams) dry active yeast

1 tsp (3 grams) brown sugar

1 tsp (3 grams) white sugar

2 1/2 tsp (10 grams) kosher salt

1 3/4 cups plus 2 tablespoons (460 grams) filtered cold water