Mandy's Gluten Free Cajun Roux

Roux is a flour based sauce that is used to make gravies, sauces, stews and soups. Many of my customers have written to me that after going gluten free, finding a good tasting roux was a challenge.  Using potato starch makes the roux gummy, sticky and starchy.   Here is a healthy spin on a recipe for roux that uses Blends by Orly Tuscany Gluten Free Flour Blend. It's a fairly simple recipe, and is made in a 1000 watt microwave. If your microwave is a higher or lower wattage, please adjust the times accordingly. It's very easy to burn roux so check frequently while cooking.  

If you have your own recipe for roux that uses flour, simply replace the flour with the Tuscany Blend in your own recipe. 


3/4 cup Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Blends by Orly Tuscany Blend Gluten Free Flour

Pou  3/4 cup of oil into a Pyrex measuring cup and cook on high until melted. Add approximately 1 1/4 cups of the Orly Tuscany Blend and stir until smooth. The key here is to for the mixture to be moist, not overly oily. You want the consistency of brownie batter, thick but smooth. Add more flour or oil as needed.

Cook the mixture for 3 minutes at 50% power in the microwave. Stir well, and repeat this process until the roux turns golden brown. If you like a dark roux (I sure do!) cook for an additional 1:30 minute increments (1:00 minute followed by :30 second increments) until you achieve your desired color and texture. The whole process should take about 45 minutes. Pour in an air-tight glass jar and store in the refrigerator.