Modern Bread & Bagel

472 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10024

In early 2019, I opened my first restaurant in NYC’s Upper West Side! The restaurant is 100% gluten free and offers brunch all day. We serve a wide variety of foods such as; babka, shakshuka, avocado toasts, specialty coffees, smoked salmon, doughnuts, and so much more! All of our baked goods are made with Blends by Orly flour, which yields the perfect taste and texture every time! Many of our customers don’t even realize they are eating gluten free food until someone tells them. New York City is known for its bagels, and with Blends by Orly, we’ve been able to create a gluten free version that competes with the best of the city. Our restaurant symbolizes how being on a gluten free diet doesn’t have to hold you back from enjoying great food. And with Blends by Orly, you can do that from the comfort of your own home.

Next time you’re in NYC, don’t forget to stop by Modern Bread & Bagel to have the brunch of a lifetime! Whether you are gluten free or not, you will surely enjoy our delicious, freshly made, flavorful food!

Modern Bread & Bagel’s sister restaurant, Arba: Passionate Mediterranean Cooking, serves upscale modern Israeli gluten free cuisine. Between a seven course tasting menu crafted by famous Israeli Chef Nir Zook, and Kosher wines from all around the world selected by our two sommeliers, Arba is a dinner spot you don’t want to miss!